Elevate your own sense of the world.
your own sense of what it means to do local work globally
Focus on an east-west line.
follow that line, engage in conversation, listen, and get inspired
Connect with latitude locals.
Take a journey
Communities along a latitude line
share something powerful in common-
the exact same sunlight and day-length each and every day
Same line, same light.
Same rhythms, diverse perspectives.
You are part of a global community.
Connect with your latitude circle

east and west

Every person and place on earth along a particular latitude line shares something special in common- the same amount of sunlight each and every day. This connection can become a new bridge for local communities globally, a platform for real connection, exploration, and conversation along specific latitude, East and West around the world.

Same Line
Same Light.

Get creative along a latitude line.

the movement

Lat Maps

Tools. Coming Soon. Tools will help you explore your latitude and connect with others. For now, go to Latlong.net and type in your address, then cruise directly east or west. Ok then.


If this thing is going to go anywhere, we need a few people to work on some Creative Latitude Projects- this zone will share who is getting into the Latitude Movement, and in what ways, and how they might connect. I visualize lots of bubbles in a horizontal line with profiles in the bubbles and ready set go.

The Knapsack

A portfolio of projects and happenings that have happened. Hopefully coming soon, because I am ready to have some serious, meaningful fun!

our lovely latitude locals

  • I¬†can't wait to see what people come up with, and share their quotes instead of mine.

    Pablo Elliott
  • Let's move creativity to the center of work and life along a latitude line.

    Pablo Elliott
  • Seeing the Vermont sky getting light at 3:30am in the height of the longest days of summer- that's when I began to realize that each latitude on the planet is its own experience.

    Pablo Elliott

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