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The Epicenter of the Nepal Earthquake this past week was in Barpak, some 30 miles or so North of Kathmandu. That gives a sense of the magnitude of the earthquake, and also the number of specific latitudes impacted. If we look at latitude families as one minute of latitude slices of the earth, then we have thirty latitude families just between Barpak and the center of Kathmandu, but perhaps some 100 Latitude families significantly impacted by the quake.

Barpak shares the same latitude as Land O’ Lakes Florida, which suggests that the entirety of Tampa shares specific latitudes with affected earthquake areas in Nepal.

The point here is that if people connected more with their latitude, we would have a significant amount of people in Florida alone feeling more of a sense of urgency to help their latitude family afflicted by an earthquake on the other side of the world.

This is the power of latitude.

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