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It’s always thrilling when you try to put your finger on something and then come across someone who just nails it.

An insightful article into the creative process, that the first step is a general intuition, a kind of vague hunch without destination or end product in mind. This really just nails how I’ve been feeling about the Latitude Movement. I want to move forward on it, I want to hone it, but perhaps I need to keep exploring, and stay open to the possibilities of what emerges. Yes farms, people, culture, stories, sustainability, exploration, all combining to the shared community of light that is each and every latitude. But the path to move this forward to some extent demands a particular destination, and I am reluctant to define that destination at this point. And when I try to define that destination, the next day I think about another destination. Perhaps as an artist friend advised- ‘keep going to the well’- just keep exploring and let the definition and destination arise over time.

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