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The First Leg of a Latitude Journey

The First Leg of a Latitude Journey

The idea is simple: focus on a line, East-West around the world.

I have spent the last year and a half thinking about this idea, all its possible manifestations, all the creative ways to engage people around the world in a Latitude Movement.

And in addition to encouraging my friends to join me with their own Creative Latitude Projects, I need to get started on my own latitude exploration. Below are notes from a couple hours following a latitude line East.

The First Leg- Notes On the Line from Manchester, Vermont to Stari Grad, Croatia. 

These are my own initial research notes of a specific latitude line- eventually I will hone my blog into more interesting reading:)

A natural starting place is my current home. I plug the address into Lat The latitude is 43.10 North. That means the tenth minute of the 43rd Parallel in the Northern Hemisphere. The 43rd Parallel is an East-West stripe about 69 miles wide. The tenth minute of that parallel is just over a mile wide, a very specific path through very specific places East-West around the world, all sharing the exact same daylength and sunlight each and every day.

The starting place is right here in the town of Manchester, VT, a few minutes walk from the post office.

Here we go! I have done a few online latitude cruises, looking into different latitude lines for friends, and generally my approach has been to just go East and keep going until I get all around the world. Along the way, I make note of spots that pop out to me, for whatever reasons. Some I overlook, not because of non-interest, but more just to simplify the first exploration, a kind of overview glance.

Home is a natural starting place, and online mapping makes it easy to go for a world tour.

New England, US

The first stop of note, directly East of my home, is the Southern Vermont Arts Center, also on 43.10N, and right in Manchester, at least according to the map. Haven’t even left town yet and the exploration gets interesting already, as I know that SVAC is West of my home toward Mt. Equinox. I suppose online maps always have to be taken with a grain of salt- but that said, I will go with it and consider SVAC my first stop on the line.

Going up across the mountain, North of Stratton and Windhall, the next town I hit on 43.10N is Windham. And then Grafton.

The heart of Langdon NH is close enough to be on the line.

New England College in Henniker, NH! Awesome, some students.

The Southern tip of Concord NH, with St. Pauls school within reach to the North (at 43.12N).

Town forests and woodlands. Across to Maine.

And to the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Neddick Maine.

The Atlantic Ocean

Lots of Ocean. East East East. Just missing the southern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada.

East across the Atlantic.

Northern Spain

Landing just north of a lighthouse in Northern Spain- Faro de Cabo Vilan, Camarinas and the Illa Vilan de Flora.

Pescaduira and Lazo, Spain. A rural area? Camelle de Ariba…A Mata, Spain.

UNEMSA manufacturing company. Baris, Spain.

Arganosa. Calvela de Abaixo. Lots of farms.

Morzos Spain- Cafe Bar As Tinaxas.

Santaia Spain. Cesuras. Trasanquelos.

A prison near Estraviz.

A golf club South of Guitiriz.

Baamonde, Spain, at the intersection of highways.

Moving East- Cangas del Narcea Spain. Aguasmestas. Pola de Lena/ San Feliz. Parque Natural Redes. Asturias Castile and Leon.

Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa

Arenas de Iguna

Lanzas Agudas- Basque Country

Zaldu, Ugalde y San Roman.

Durango, a city! Population? Seems a larger community than most places on the line so far.

Irura, Spain. Mountains. East. Goizueta.

And to the border of France.

Southern France

Uhart-Cize. Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.

La Magedeleine.

Public School De Saint-Jean-Le-Vieux
Route de Bourg
64220 Saint-Jean-le-Vieux

Farms, farms, farms, Idaux-Mendy.

Bidos, France.

Office de Tourisme du Pays de Nay
1945 Place Du 8 Mai
64800 Nay
Musee du Beret in Nay, France.
Pontacq, France.
Ossun France.


Mimi Dore
63 Route de Bagnères
65360 Salles-Adour
Montignac, France.

Truck Farmer:

Duthu Nadege Nathalie Georgette
22 Chemin du Pic du Midi
65190 Bordes
Tournay France- a school there

Plant nursery-

Bouteille Anne-Clotilde
Les Quillans
31800 Latoue
Hotel Du Lac, Boussens France.
09350 Thouars-sur-Arize
Jacquemin Faggianelli Catherine
09350 Méras
Le Fossat, France
Unzent, France
Gaudies, France
Dryland region- wine?

A bed and breakfast:

Simpson Edmund
Les Tisseyres
11270 Fanjeaux


Amiel Gérard
Chemin de Brezilhac
11270 Lasserre-de-Prouille
Martin Lionel, Trastet Nicolas Vincent (wine)
Lavalette, France (larger population area)
Cavanac, France (wine area)
Palaja, France
Comigne, France
Fontcouverte, France
Autoroute de Deus Mers- East-West highway
Pasquier-Meunier Phillippe EARL
11200 Boutenac
Bizanet, France
City of Narbonne, France
Arriving to the sea:
Pasquier-Meunier Phillippe EARL
11200 Boutenac
 A small island and natural preserve
Arriving to the coast- La Ciotat, France.
La Farlede, France
La Bastide Blanche- interesting green area by the coast- Southeast of Le Croix Valmer,  and on across the sea to Italy
On the coast: Amusement Park
Cavallino Matto
Via Po, 1
57024 Marina di Castagneto, Castagneto Carducci LI
Torinella, Italy
Donoratico, Italy
Monteverde Merritimo
G.A.S.P. Gruppo Archeologico Sasso Pisano
56041 Sasso Pisano PI

A Castle:

Castello di Fosini
Località Fosini
Radicondoli SI
Vescovado, Italy.
A Modo Mio – Caffé Tabaccheria
d’Arbia, D’arbia
Via Borgo di Ponte d’Arbia, 315
53014 Ponte D’arbia SI
villa il Poggio
Loc- Il Poggio
53020 San Giovanni d’Asso SI
Agriturismo Cetine Vecchie
Loc. Cetine Vecchie, 116
53049 Torrita di Siena SI
Torrita di Siena (larger population)
Tuscany Umbria border lots of agriturismo
Large Lake Trasimeno- Isola Maggiore (small island in lake)
Colle Umberto I, Italy
San Francesco, Italy
Bel Forte del Chienti, Italy
Porto San Giorgio
The Adriatic Sea
Stari Grad, Croatia
Ok starting to get a bit map weary, time for a break
Stari Grad, Croatia is awesome and interesting. This first leg of the tour- from the East Coast of the US across to Northern Spain, Southern France, and Central Italy, landing on a large island in Croatia, is quite a  world unto itself.






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