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There are a few figures that emerge of historical prominence that begin to tie together the history of the Latitude Line.

Horace Capron- an agricultural consultant who helped Sapporo Japan establish agricultural production in similar ways to the Northern US- growing grains for beer, hence Sapporo. His father had established a cotton mill operation in Oneida County NY, along the same latitude line.

Alexander Graham Bell, placing the first long distance telephone call from his home in Brantford Ontario- very close to 43.10 N- the phone call went from Brantford to Paris, just a few miles away, crossing 43.10N.

I consider this first phone call as a major clue as to how connection should happen on 43.10 N- the phone! And good old fashioned phone calls.

John Green, founder of Greenville, MI (43.10 N(, who move there from upstate NY- county very near 43.10 N.

Fred Meijer, founder of the Meijer stores. First store in Greenville.

Greenville is actually an awesome find for me- and one that I might have overlooked had I not literally drove through it following the latitude line en route to a second visit to Muskegon. If Muskegon is Manchester, VT’s big sister, Greenville is much more the twin in terms of size.

These are the first discoveries, based on a small amount of research. But the historical direct latitude connections are there along 43.10 N East and West.

Eventually we will discover the history beyond historic white dudes, but for now, this is a starting place.


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