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As I develop the Latitude Movement idea and explore it by blogging my thought process, I recognize that honing in on a specific latitude- about a minute of latitude (a little over a mile wide line going east-west around the world) can be powerful, but the question is how strictly to adhere to a specific minute. For instance, if I am cruising a latitude, and I am very close to an area of interest (say a few minutes North or South of an island, or a town, or a city, or a mountain) can I extend or blur the lines a bit for the sake of interest?

My instinct is that the idea of honing in on a specific line is compelling, but should not be limiting. In other words, for the purpose of creating latitude guilds, I am not sure how precisely to define specific latitude. I am also unsure of how to create guilds. The best idea I have at this point is to explore one minute of latitude and see where that takes me, and meanwhile, explore the idea of a Latitude movement where others do the same on different latitudes.

A minute of latitude seems to be the right unit for creating a very specific latitudinal focus. And I think others could embrace the idea of focusing on one minute of latitude around the world. Larger cities will generally comprise more than a minute, so even within a city like New York, the one minute focus would mean slices of the city, which I like.

But what I am doing now is looking up the minute of Latitude of a particular place on, but then as I cruise the world there might be slight variations in terms of the actual minute of other places. Going forward I need the right tools to accurately explore one minute of latitude around the world, and until now have been more or less approximating a minute of latitude.

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