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I am really interested in a few mapping ideas, in so far as they can advance the Latitude Movement.

1. Making it easier to explore a minute of latitude online. It’s not hard to manually cruise the world on a variety of mapping platforms, but it would be interesting to have a mapping experience tailored for latitude cruisers. If the latitude could become sort of three dimensional and the travel is sort of virtual, that would be sweet. Ultimately, I see online as a resource hopefully leading to meaningful connections with places and communities along a latitude. I don’t see this as an insular or isolated movement with its own social platform.

2. Actual in print latitude maps. I think it would be excited to receive in the mail something resembling a ticket roll (theater/event kind)- in fact a very narrow map that goes all around a room and allows for a print version of a latitude map. A corresponding world map could highlight the latitude line for reference.

3. The more beauty, the better. Beautiful maps creating a visceral traveler experience, the wonderful and real terrain of the world.

Maybe I will write an article about this and someone will be interested. Again, I don’t think myself creating maps is my forte. I know the tools I want, but I am not necessarily geo-spatial guy. Actually, I am definitely not geo-spatial guy. But I would certainly like to learn a lot more and work collaboratively!

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