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Curated shelves in libraries along the latitude line around the world could be a perfect way to help people better understand their latitude lines. Select local histories of other communities along the latitude line, as well as relevant books and texts that connect to the latitude. Perhaps even films like the one I just discovered today:

A beautiful film on Costa de Morte!!! Directed by Lois Patino- trailer here:

and a read connecting to Bandon Oregon: Jules Verne’s The Begum’s Fortune:

From Wikipedia regarding Verne’s invented Utopia in the novel:

Verne gives the precise location of Sarrasin’s “Ville-France” (France-Ville or Frankville in English translations) – on the Southern Oregon sea shore, eighty kilometres north of Cape Blanco, at 43°11’3″ North, 124°41’17” West. This would place it at the southern end of Coos County, Oregon – a county which already existed at the time, though very thinly populated (and remained so, having 62,779 inhabitants as of 2000).

Books on the Erie Canal like God’s Ditch.

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