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Jason Angell and Jocelyn Apicello are pioneering the first Creative Latitude Project of the Latitude Movement with a farm-based meal inspired by their latitude line at Longhaul Farm in Garrison, NY.

Over the past five seasons, Jason and Jocelyn have built a small scale diversified farm operation from the ground up, working the soil by hand, and bringing together friends and the local community for meals and farm events at Longhaul.

Garrison, NY is at 41.23 N, a latitude line which courses directly East through (among many many places) Barcelona Spain, Albania, Northern Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Northern China, Japan, Northern California, and across the Midwestern US just South of the Great Lakes en route back to the Hudson Valley.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it seemed that the best path forward for the Latitude Movement was to reach out to friends and encourage them to do some latitudinal exploration and create something from that exploration. These Creative Latitude Projects (CLP’s) would transition the movement from an idea into something more tangible, and these initial explorations would provide meaningful and practical insight into how to make the Latitude Movement actually move, and in what ways.

A meal on a farm is a natural starting place, as meals feature not only the flavorful creative energy of the chefs, but the conversation and connection aspects as well- humans connecting with humans around a table, sharing stories and food.

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