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I am following a latitude line east around the world. I would love to do it in person, but a very handy starting place is I typed in my home here in Manchester, Vermont, then started a simple scrolling cruise east along 43.10 N.

As I go, I jot down points of interest, places to return to and learn more about. I am sure I have missed many amazing places, but these are just communities and features that caught my eye at first glance.

When I start to get weary from all the places and geographical contours, I find a stopping point. I thought, for instance, that Leg 4 would get all the way back to Vermont from Japan, but instead I have stopped in Muskegon Michigan. So I suppose there will be a 5th leg of my initial online latitude exploration.

Below is a simple list- places that I will revisit when I do a next round of research into latitude 43.10N.

LEG 4:

Hokkaido University of Education, Japan

Sunahama Shrine

Iwamizawa Ski Area (City)

Maruyama Mountain

Minamifurano/Nemuro Main Line

Mount Sahoro- resort

Mt. Panke

Country Farmers Fujita Farm
26-5 Urimaku Nishi 28 Sen
Shikaoi, Kato District, Hokkaido Prefecture
Urimaku Post Office
Lots of Farms just North of Shihoro
Very Mountainous

Middle School:

〒085-1142 Hokkaido Prefecture, Akan District, Tsurui, Hororohigashi, 2 Chome−21
Shihoro- larger center surrounded by agriculture- grid of lots of farms
Just North of Honbetsu along the Doto Expwy
Beautiful moutainous green land
Kayanuma Hot Spring & a Lake
〒088-1369 Hokkaido Prefecture, Akkeshi District, Hamanaka, Chanainishi, 7 Sen−364
Usui Farm
312 Hattaushi
Nemuro, Hokkaido Prefecture 086-0076
Ochiishi Post Office
273-1 Ochiishihigashi
Nemuro, Hokkaido Prefecture 088-1782
Just to the North of Hamanaka Bay
眼鏡岩- Meganeiwa- not sure what but right on peninsula
Brandon Dunes Golf Resort- Oregon-
The Pacific Coast Scenic By-way 101
Coquille Highschool
Rocky Prairie County Park
Lookingglass- dry area
Diamond Lake, Oregon
Mt. Thielsen
First Pivots/dry area- Northeast of Silver lake, Oregon
Land of Pivots- Blackfoot- Idaho
Alpine Northwest/Alpine Wyoming
Gannett Peak Wyoming
Reservoir midway between Morton and Kinnear, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Dry dry dry
Greer Ranch Llc
970 N Lance Creek Rd
Lance Creek, WY 82222
Just North of Wounded Knee, South Dakota
Martin South Dakota
Rosebud Indian Reservation
Burke, South Dakota
Missouri River- North Wheeler Recreation Area
Lake Andes
Just North of Scotland
291st St.
Edelman Waterfowl Production Area
Sheldon, Iowa
Northwest Iowa Community College
Sanborn Iowa
Hartley Iowa (all on a straight east-west line)
Mason City
Northeast Iowa Community College!
Eastman Wisconsin
Steuben Wisconsin
Muscoda Wisconsin
Lone Rock Wisconsin
Spring Green Wisconsin
Helena Wisconsin
Mazomanie, Wisconsin
Waunakee, Wisconsin
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Waterloo, Wisconsin
Watertown, Wisconsin
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Granville, Wisconsin
Lynden Sculpture Garden
2145 W Brown Deer Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53217
Schlitz Audubon Center
Lake Michigan
Norton Shores, Southern Muskegon, Michigan

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