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Reaching out to my farmer friends, I offered to research their latitudes and provide a report. Not knowing how to proceed on this idea, I thought that perhaps just by getting started I might build more momentum and reveal a clearer path forward.

As I get into the latitudes of my friends’ farms, I naturally gravitate towards potential latitude themes that will connect with them and their land. For instance, as I research the latitude of a flower farmer, I hone in on flowers. Are there other flower farmers on this latitude? Traditions and cultures that embrace flowers in different ways? The world already becomes smaller when we focus on a specific latitude and travel the globe along that latitude. Adding a theme, a natural connection within that latitude, whether flowers, or bees, or fruits (just to name a few possibilities) further narrows the focus.

What I am getting to here is that I want people get excited about their latitude, and a good starting place is connection along interest areas. One of my farmer friends Jesse expressed mild interest in the latitude concept, saying he would rather connect with farms that share his interests, regardless of latitude. But if we combine specific latitude AND interest, then we have  very doable start the latitude movement. A few dots around the globe, along a latitude line, with a similar theme or interest. A certain kind of farm for instance, one in Italy, one in the US, and one in Japan.

Shared interest, just like shared latitude, is a way to connect. A latitude, while a thin slice of the earth, still presents seemingly infinite places to explore for the latitude journey person.

In a few hours, I can discover potential connections along a latitude that will be of interest for a farmer- a starting place, “hey there’s this farm in Italy which is kind of trying to do similar things as your operation!” That spark invites further exploration. Once we make a few connection, the latitude begins to open. Perhaps others along a latitude take interest. Perhaps there are overlapping themes or different interest areas on the same latitude.

At the end of the day, this is about conversation and inspiration. So by honing in on natural connection, the latitude movement begins.

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