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Time flies. This latitude project, concept, brainstorm, idea, all that it is, endures. Maybe it even grows stronger just because it endures. At least in my mind, there is some value in marination. But if the meal is never served, then so what. An idea can’t marinate forever. Some four years is about enough, to show me that this has staying power. This Latitude Thing.

It is always relevant. It is always exciting. It is always a ‘solution’ to the many issues we face today, but it isn’t a ‘solution’ in the way that we understand solutions. It is a solution in the way that a pathway is a solution. It is a holistic and positive step forward on many issues all at once.

At a point in time where I feel stagnation, confusion, and a sense of being overwhelmed, even ‘future fatigue’, where it is almost impossible to envision a bright future for my community and the planet, the pathway of latitude has a blinking arrow over the Equinox mountain, to the west of my home- Go! Do this! Focus on this! It is a practical thing. It is not about building so much as it is about revealing. It is a ball to roll carefully along the line, and at somepoint, the momentum is from others, not just my own mind carrying around this idea like a large sack of potatoes.

In my mind the project is happening. Letters are being written, conversations are happening. Connections are slowly coming together.

The challenge is how to make it really take root. How to get the idea out of its incubation phase, and into the world, in a way that honors citizen diplomacy, good will, open-mindedness, simplicity, and an understanding of the long-term project. The art of the long term project.

Here are the things that need to happen. Perhaps the only thing I have consistently done is post on Instagram what can only be considered vague latitude musings. A pilot light.

But really not where this thing needs to go. On-line cannot replicate the power of Line itself, the original platform of Latitude as the original platform for humans.

That said, here are some practical aspects of this that need to happen.

A project needs to be ironed out that builds on my work around the specific minute of Latitude- 43.10.

A weekly post to update progress will be helpful in keeping track- even if it is bried.

Three letters and reach outs a week to my latitude neighbors- this seems ambitious. Maybe just one good one a week is enough.

A recap of the project to date- This is where I print out everything I have written and assemble it into a binder. I need to look through and sift. This blog has been very un-edited. It is a raw brainstorm for the most part.

Letters to my ‘supporters’- home team- the people who have expressed a kindred excitement about this project. I can’t forget that my circle of people who have been helpful through the last few years, they are important to keep in the loop.

A concise summary document- this will come out of the 43.10 project plan.

A monthly meeting/gathering/potluck of some kind, events in the minimal sense. These may be small get togethers, one on one opportunities to have more in-depth discussions.

An Op-Ed- August. It will be time soon to get the word out. That requires that the website is well-honed, and the project is clear.

An articulated framework for the Lat 43.10 Project. This is Key. What will it do. What are the goals?

Could this become a full-time endeavor, and if so, how will the work get done? That to me would build from a project with zero budget. At some point, there could be opportunities to do more. But the Latitude Movement is not built on money, it is built on the power of line. Money could certainly help create more opportunities to grow the project and the movement. But without money, it still carries forward.

A small booklet? From 43.10, a narrative takes shape.

A presentation- library- probably Spring 2019.

A latitude literacy shelf at the library- part of 43.10 project.

A trip. Ideally multiple trips.

Just go. East or West. Any opportunity to connect and build bridges along the latitude line is a trip worth taking.

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