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The plan for the Latitude Movement in 2016 is to focus on Creative Latitude Projects that get the Movement started. CLP’s generally will feature someone (or a small group) who explores a latitude line and manifests that exploration into something small, doable, and awesome. For instance, a coffee shop owner may look at coffee production along a particular latitude line, research the coffees and cultures along a latitude line, and host a small event with tastings and a short presentation. A farmer may look at agriculture and farm production on a latitude, and bring home gleanings in some way, perhaps starting a seed exchange with a few other farmers along the latitude. A musician may look at music along a latitude line and incorporate that exploration into a piece.

So CLP’s combine two basic, specific ingredients- a specific interest area/genre and a specific latitude line. Once a few of these get underway, who knows what can happen!

The idea of getting the Latitude Movement started with CLP’s is the basic principle of like unto like which has a natural momentum- a foodie explores food, a farmer connects with farmers, an artist with art, etc. By tying into what someone is already into, it’s not too hard to find energy to do a little latitude exploration.

The hunch underpinning the Latitude Movement is that people and places along a latitude line have lots in common, because of the influence of sunlight. In agriculture, this is more than a hunch, as daylight is a significant factor in seasons, growth, etc. The basic hunch of the Latitude Movement is that there will be common and profound threads in music, art, history that weave together each latitude line in addition to farms and food.

And maybe when we get down to it, humans and places all over the world have lots in common to discover.

But what latitude gives us is line; a focus and a platform for global exploration that is specific. And what CLP’s will do is create excitement around latitude via focused exploration. Exploration can be actual physical journeys, or online/virtual journeys through the use of mapping and other research tools, or as simple as a trip to the library, a couple calls on the phone, you get the idea. There is wide latitude in how participants engage in a latitude line. And anyone is encouraged to participate.

What I hope and think will happen is that we will generate some interesting latitude based projects. Participants will have found the process meaningful in some way, and we can then apply experiences from these CLP explorations into a more accurate sense for next steps to nourish and grow the concept.

Why a Movement? I often talk with friends about ‘my latitude project’ even shying away from the use of the word ‘movement’, perhaps because movement signifies something larger. But the truth is, I see big possibilities in this latitude project, and within it are seeds that if nourished could really flourish into an amazing dynamic global movement. But scale aside, the reason I call it the Latitude Movement is because the heart of this idea is, in fact, all about movement. Movement out of the narrow boxes in which we currently live our lives, branching out from our comfort zones, exploring new places, connecting with new people and cultures from around the world in new ways. This process is very much a journey.


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