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Three things, of course.

First a movement focused on connecting folks interested in local food, art, culture, around the world, along the same specific latitude line. Specific means roughly a ‘minute’ of latitude, or a mile wide path going directly east and west around the world. Now I know that many of us are on the move, so another way to think of this is- pick a line and go with it. Look at it, connect and explore. The beauty is in the line, and creating a kind of global focus.

Second, the Latitude Movement sees latitude as kind of a wingspan, reaching and connecting with others and building new bridges of respect and understanding that ultimately helps us gain elevation with new perspectives on our world. Part of this is people working on certain ideas and issues and projects connecting with people working on different things. So not only do farmers find and connect with other farmers around the world, but they connect with artists, and teachers, and engineers you see where I am going with this. Latitude as a widening and slackening of professional work life divides that stifle creativity and innovation.

Third the Latitude Movement emphasizes exploration, connection, conversation and elevation (ECCE) so a kind of general set of principles shaping the spirit of action. It IS about respect and listening, not just sharing but also being open to the ideas and diverse perspectives that will invariably comprise each and every latitude journey.

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