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The Latitude Movement is the creation of specific latitude communities sharing the same line of latitude, east and west around the world. The Latitude Movement creates a specific global community built on the starting platform of same light.

Latitude Movement in 4 Steps.


1. Exploration- exploring a particular minute of latitude around the world. On-line, and perhaps actual travel. is a simple way to discover your minute of latitude. The GPS location will have your parallel, minute, and second of latitude, but for the purposes of the Latitude movement, your minute of latitude is specific enough.

2. Connection- finding folks doing similar things around the world on your latitude, or places that interest you. If you had a year to travel on your minute of latitude- where would you go- what places would you spend time, what intrigues you and what are you seeking to learn or gain from your travel. The inquiring open-minded explorer will hone in on places and people that just seem very engaging.

3. Conversation- sharing experiences and perspectives from around the latitude. So now comes the part of how to connect. I will have a better sense of that when I try myself. Nothing replaces actual travel, and time spent along a latitude, but resources inhibit such journeys. My sense is that a little travel is a great starting place, if possible, but there’s so much online now that the possibilities for connection have never been greater.

4. Elevation- a new perspective gained as a result of the Latitude Journey. This is the lift we are seeking from this endeavor. A new sense of possibility in the world, and our own actions and path in the world. So many ideas have come through an east-west conversation throughout time. How can a specific latitude connection advance us? What inspiration to we bring back to our work, our lives, and

A 5th step is to keep going and building latitude bridges. How do we keep going- what kind of lasting sustained effort comes out of this effort.

Why latitude-

Latitude has a significant impact on culture- influencing sunlight, climate, rhythms, seasons, and the people and places all along a latitude line experience each and ever day in the same way (from a light perspective). Sharing a latitude is sharing something in common.

The idea of focusing on a particular minute of latitude is to make the world smaller- and by doing so, creating greater focus on the smaller places that make up the world. By focusing on a mile wide stripe of earth going directly east and west around the world, the Latitude movement creates connections between small communities along that line, and the parts of larger cities that share that line. In this way, the Latitude Movement takes the notion of sister cities and makes a circle linking all kinds of sister communities sharing the same latitude- not just the mega centers of current civilization.

The beauty then, is to highlight more specific places around the world, and focus on them and the people in them, and creating a real conversation among them.

How the conversation happens is entirely open, as long as there’s an atmosphere of open-mindedness and respect.

The Latitude Movement is about creating spark, and getting folks to engage local and global in new ways.

We have all the technological tools to connect, but we are also a bit overwhelmed by all these tools. So we need to step back and create connection around the world, by making the world smaller, and finding common ground in the shared sunlight of latitude. This isn’t just a fluffy notion. I am pretty sure that as we begin to explore specific latitude, we will find lots in common along latitude lines, and specific sunlight probably has a significant impact on that.

Learning about Latitude

YouTube Videos

Parallels and minutes and seconds.

Sharing journeys and discoveries- Latitude summits, submissions to The Latitude Movement, twitter hashtag #Lat4315 or whatever the latitude is that you are focused on.

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