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I read something recently, that entrepreneurs need to be able to communicate their idea simply and get to the point- What is it, How it works, and Why it’s worth doing.

The Latitude Movement is only entrepreneurial in feeling- I don’t have the sense that it is a business. I think it is an idea that’s right for the times, and that there are so many possibilities for what the Latitude Movement can do. That said, this is what has also made it hard to talk about. And at some point, I have to find a way to simplify the concept.



The Latitude Movement connects local communities globally along latitude line, via creative projects and summits of latitude locals. Communities along the same latitude share something powerful in common- the same sunlight and daylength each and every day. This platform of connection can bridge local communities globally in a way that keeps local voices at the heart of the conversation. Through this process, Latitude Circles can work together towards a vibrant future for local communities globally.

How: Specific latitude projects pioneered by individuals, and summits of latitude locals, including an annual Latitude Movement summit.

Why: Communities along the same latitude line share something powerful in common- the same relationship with sunlight each and every day. Latitude line also provides something else- a way of making the world much smaller, focusing in on a specific slice of the world that creates a global circle of small communities. A minute of latitude is a mile wide slice of the earth east and west around the world.

Why: Specific latitude solves the problem of how to connect local communities globally in a sustained way that allows for a real global conversation with local voices. People sharing the same latitude share the relationship with sunlight each and every day. They have something in common. A minute of latitude is a small slice of the world, but it is still the world, and a way for local communities to connect globally.

A Little More!

The Latitude Movement connects local communities globally that share the same specific latitude line East and West around the world, to exchange experiences, best practices and possibilities for a vibrant local & global future. The Latitude Movement is a movement of small places, and of locals, using the line of shared latitude as a constructive platform for specific and actual global connection.

The Latitude Movement focuses on the world within one ‘minute’ of latitude, a mile wide stripe of the Earth, coursing through small towns, parts of larger cities, rural areas, wilderness, and ocean. There are 60 minutes of latitude in each parallel, and there are 90 parallels North of the equator, and 90 parallels to the South. That means 10,800 total minutes of Latitude comprising the whole planet. Each minute is therefore a very small slice of the planet.

The HOW:

REAL SHORT: Small-scale creative projects pioneered by individuals or small groups of individuals (CLP’s and SLERP’s) and summits (One Minute Summit, Annual International Latitude Movement Summit). Latitude Locals doing things, and meeting up in person. There needs to be a basic recipe, and some orchestration, but the idea is to keep this as simple and open as possible, and focused on people embracing the idea.

A LITTLE MORE: Creative Latitude Projects (CLP’s) are creative explorations. Summits are refreshingly informal and casual. Emphasis on small group/ one-on-one conversation. Very little mainstage/keynote, other than for the purpose of getting everyone together. There are two types of summit- the ‘One Minute Summit’ which brings together Latitude Locals sharing the same minute of latitude, and an annual ‘International Summit’ which brings together folks from different latitudes who are into the Latitude Movement.


Creative, small-scale independent projects that reveal the power and possibility of specific latitude inspire others to get into the idea, and the idea spreads. 2. One-minute Summits bring together Latitude Locals sharing a latitude line, and can be very minimal/informal nature, or more serious efforts, it really depends on who is organizing and how much energy they want to put into it. I like the idea of keeping summits as simple and open as possible 3. An International Latitude Movement Summit bringing together folks from different latitudes who are into the idea. This will require some effort, but again, the intention is not a top-down orchestration, but a side-to-side conversation, and how the spirit of that can be reflected in a convening.

The Latitude Movement has a two-pronged approach to bridging local communities globally along latitude line. 1. Projects- Creative Latitude Projects  (CLP’s) and Specific Latitude Exploration & Research Projects (‘slerps’) conducted by inspired Latitude Locals. 2. Summits- Latitude Summits, bringing folks along a latitude line together for true east-west connection and conversation of locals, and 3. Creative Latitude Projects 

  1. Latitude Locals- Independent research and journey projects featuring specific latitude exploration, connection, conversation, and elevation of perspective along a latitude line. Creative Latitude Projects- creative projects that incorporate a latitude focus and give a broader sense of possibilities and approaches for the Latitude Movement. Artists, writers, chefs, creatives. Food for thought.
  2. Latitude Gatherings- ‘One minute summits’ of  Latitude Locals along latitude lines, and eventually ‘International summits’ that bring together folks of different latitudes who see their own latitude work and experience as part of a broader Latitude Movement

From there, anything can happen.

There are four steps to this process, summed up by the acronym E.C.C.E, which also means Look! in Latin.

1. Exploration of a particular latitude line around the world, using maps and other available research tools.

2. Connection, finding people and places and points of connection along a latitude line, and connecting in person if possible, through convenings. Or manifesting the exploration into something tangible.

3. Conversation, engaging in real conversation with people on the latitude line, sharing experiences, recipes and yes, best practices. A conversation happens out of the process, a good one.

4. Elevation- gaining new perspectives on local life, in a global context, and vice versa. Bringing our specific global journey and connection home. We see our work and life in a new way.

HOW: The Latitude Movement will focus on one latitude line around the world and organize convenings along that line, and eventually a summit. As the idea gains momentum, other latitudes can follow, and an emerging basic recipe can be replicated.


Three current trends are:

  1. The interest and passion for local culture, local work, grassroots efforts in local communities, small-scale efforts with impact. Local food, local culture, local businesses, local local local!
  2. The immensity of global challenges and the ultimate impact of these global challenges on local communities is something local communities struggle with- How can we, as a local community, respond to climate change, in a way that feels like we are making a difference, not just jumping into a local version of a bunker?
  3. The need to connect local communities globally to better connect global and local efforts on a range of fronts, but ultimately with the intention of sustaining vibrant local culture and communities while addressing global challenges.

And maybe a fourth trend is the challenge of addressing global issues at the local level on a global scale. It’s hard to bridge local and global folks!

The problem is that it is hard to connect local communities globally without getting too big organizationally, or getting bogged down with governments, layers and layers of decision-making, and without drowning out local folks in the process.

I see Latitude as a compelling platform for connecting specific local communities globally. A sister-city partnership, but one that focuses on a specific latitude circle of small towns, villages, rural areas, parts of larger metro areas, oceans, islands, and wilderness, all on a specific latitude line around the world.

Communities connect with other communities along a specific latitude line, and suddenly a global community forms with a set of voices that feel like local ones- those of latitude locals.



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