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It has been one year since the idea of moving an idea into something more than an idea occurred (as an idea), and that something was a blog about an idea, and turning ideas into action.

The shortest day of the year is significant for the Latitude Movement because it is all about light, and the same light that every one and place shares along the same latitude east and west around the world. Our rhythms on the same latitude are shaped by day length. The shortest day in our lives in the Northern Hemisphere is significant.

This is also the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere. The solstice is a moment that connects everyone- the end of a certain trend (days getting shorter in the North/longer in the South), and the beginning of another.

What’s beautiful about our specific latitude is that we experience light in the same way as everyone else on it. Our day is shorter/longer in exactly the same way. Drive a few hours North or South and the relationship with light changes.

So let’s celebrate the Winter Solstice not just as the shortest day of the year, but as the beginning of a real connection with others on our latitude line, and the idea of a movement around that. We have something so significant in common: the same day, every day.

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