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From the Inaugural Creative Latitude Project of the Latitude Movement- A Farm Meal at Longhaul Farm in Garrison, NY, May 21, 2016. Here is the menu and description from Jocelyn Apicello and Jason Angell of Longhaul, Pictures and More Coming Soon:


May 21, 2016

41.4º-inspired latitude meal


Your Latitude Meal


Your meal tonight was inspired by the Latitude Movement. By following Longhaul Farm’s latitude line across the globe, we elevated our own sense of the world; elevated our own sense of what it means to do local work globally ( Every point along our latitude shares the same daylight hours, the same moonlit nights.


We are in rhythm with latitude 41.4º.


We begin your meal in Barcelona, Spain with the Bomba. This is a Spanish tapas recipe, very often found as street food. For those who have strolled La Rambla, we hope this brings you back to memories of a lively evening, out late, soaking in Catalonian culture.


Our second course is US-based, where we meet East with West… coast, that is. On the latitude line, spring is spring and we’re celebrating one of the first fresh eats out of the garden with our asparagus and greenhouse micro greens. Nothing tastes better after a long winter. And we give a nod to our West coast spring-fellow sister in Mount Shasta, CA, by roasting some citrus for the plate.


Next, we enter Tirana, Albania. The fare of this region is heavily influenced by Italian cuisine. Hence, we rolled out some homemade ravioli (which is traditionally reserved only for celebrations). And the Albanian twist is in the filling: they love the whole animal and we love the leanest muscle of our pigs. We mixed in roasted hazelnuts, brandy and cream and are serving this pig ♥ ravioli in a buttery sorrel cream sauce.


Your main course comes from the Northern island in Japan, Hokkaido, in the town of

Hakodate. We took the famous miso ramen dish and deconstructed it. Miso ramen is a bit heartier than your standard shio or shoyu ramens to help those Northerners stay warm. We brined, braised and broiled some Longhaul Farm pork shoulder as the base of our inverted ramen. Next we added the traditional miso ramen ingredients of corn, butter, scallions and soft-boiled egg. We topped this with the noodles and ladled a rich miso stock and pork broth into the bowls.


Finally: dessert. Zonguidak, Turkey, falls on our latitude, so we have prepared a traditional pudding. It’s called a muhallabieh and it is garnished with a Turkish bay leaf and vanilla bean syrup, roasted pistachios, coconut and a splash of orange blossom flower water.


Enjoy your trip on 41.4º.



Barcelona, Spain

Bomba – Potato croquette

w/ egg, anchovy and sun-dried tomato

on paprika aioli

Avinyo Cava Reserva Brut Nature, J. Esteve Nadal, Penedes,Spain, 2011



Mount Shasta, California

Shaved asparagus

w/ parmesan, roasted citrus and micro greens

Chenin Blanc, Leo Steen Saini Farms, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, California, 2014



Tirana, Albania

Homemade pork ♥ ravioli

in sorrel cream sauce

Palmento Galilei, Candina di Sava, Primitivo del Salento, Puglia, Italy, 2013



Hakodate, Japan

Deconstructed miso ramen

Braised pork roast

w/ miso tare, ajitsuke tamago, blackened corn, scallion + fried ramen noodles

Koshi No Seki Junmai Ginjo Sake, Japan



Zonguidak, Turkey

Muhallabieh w/ Turkish bay leaf + vanilla bean syrup

Soloerno, Blood Orange Liqueur, Sicily, Italy


~ ~ ~


Your hosts + cooks: Jason Angell and Jocelyn Apicello

Your sommelier: Andy Bay


All vegetables, herbs, pork, poultry and eggs are sourced from the fields of Longhaul Farm.



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